lgbtq teens

What it's like to a be a lesbian, gay,bisexual,transgender, or queer teen in America

“Loopholes on Love”Editorial

on June 3, 2013

When it comes to people who are homosexual my parents have two completely different views. My mom on the one hand, is very accepting and says it doesn’t matter who people love despite her Christian beliefs. My father on the other hand, when I asked him his views on homosexuality, says “It’s a sin, and you’re not born gay. You can do it. Just don’t bring it around me”.

Even though I am straight, I wanted to see his reaction about if I was homosexual how would he react. So I said “Dad, what would happen if I told you I was a lesbian or bisexual?”. His eyes grew huge in alarm and I quickly said “I’m not! I just want to know how you would react”. He looked me square in the eye and said “ I would disown you.” When I asked if he was serious(he is a practical joker sometimes), he said “ I’m dead serious”.

It stung,because while I am heterosexual, it hurts to know that if I was homosexual my father would not support and love me unconditionally. I never knew until that day that there was actually “loopholes” on loving your child no matter what. So when I researched statistics on the challenges LGBTQ teens face, especially when it comes to bullying, suicide, and homelessness, I was not shocked.

My father said it to me and he is not even that religious and I am not gay. I can only imagine the pain you would feel telling your parents who you really are when it comes to your sexual orientation, only to be rejected.

Family is supposed to be there no matter what,and it is very sad to know that there can be an expiration date on a parent’s love for you. I think there should be funding for the lack of shelters that dedicates beds to LGBTQ teens and just homeless people in general. However, the real solution starts at home when a teen decides to come out into the world. We need to learn how to accept people as they are and love our family no matter what.


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