lgbtq teens

What it's like to a be a lesbian, gay,bisexual,transgender, or queer teen in America


on June 6, 2013





 Many shelters do not have enough room for LGBTQ youth to stay in for the long haul.Other shelters may have the room but will not service teens who identify themselves as LGBTQ even though it is illegal. However, there are shelters that are starting to surface that cater to LGBTQ youth.

   One program that has been catering itself specifically towards LGBTQ youth is the UCAN program. UCAN stands for Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network.

Something that is different about this program is that it is a host program , but it is not like the foster care system.

   Both youth and hosts alike are screened extensively. After both are screened then they go through a matching process to make the best fit for the youth that is possible. This wonderful innovative program that is only a small part of the UCAN program. This is the direction that more authority figures and programs need to go in for our youth when it comes to the issues regarding LGBTQ teens before it is too late.


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